Grooming and bathing are essential for your pet. Not only do they keep your pet’s coat clean and manageable, it also aids in performing quick health checks.


Regular grooming isn’t just for your pet to look it’s best. It helps prevent painful matting while reducing shedding for shiny, healthier skin and coat.

Trimming and cleaning soiled fur also reduces matting and associated odors while reducing skin infections. Keeping your pet’s sanitary area clean helps prevent symptoms associated with anal gland irritation.

Regular cleaning of ears helps minimize buildups and may help prevent painful ear infections. Also it can help uncover any underlying condition that may be present.

It’s also important to keep your pets nails trimmed to ensure clean paws and prevent painful splaying of toes and splitting of nails. Nail care also helps reduce scratches on furniture and you.

Teeth brushing is considered a valuable part of any grooming regimen. For more information about our dental services, visit our Dental page.


Routine and therapeutic bathing services are available. We also offer Hydrosurge® bathing, which is a forced-water animal bathing system that drives shampoos through thick, heavy coats and down to the skin. Pets enjoy the massage-like treatment!