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You will be given access to the blog function of your website so that you may make posts.  It's an easy tool, and after making a couple of posts, you'll know the blog system like the back of your paw.  (See what I did there?)

TEXT goes here.  You can write about anything you want.  But I would encourage you to write about things that emphasizes how much of a professional you are in your field of business.


Be the "professor" when it comes to veterinary medicine.  People will come back again and again to check out what you have to say.

A lot of people will see your website, understand that you are knowledgeable and rely on you for their veterinary needs in the future.

Here, we are going to add a super cute photo of a super cute puppy.....BECAUSE PUPPIES

You can even give your photo credits, such as
 ©The Photographer Man, 2016

You can add additional things to a blog post such as maps, quotes, videos, audio, slideshows, forms, and just about a gazillion other things.  

Here's an example of what a video would like:

Here we can add in horizontal lines to separate areas:

An example of what a quote would look like:

Puppies are the cutest things EVER!
— Jericho Phire

So much more is possible, and I will teach you how to go about making these blog posts, how to arrange content within them, and more.  It's super easy, and once you get the hang of it, you'll find it hard to stop.  

You will also want to tag each blog post so that they are easily searchable.  Plus categorize them.